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60+ years of experience and a wide range of specialized services

Our company dates back to 1960 when Green Gas DPB was established as a company working on preventive measures in gas and water drainage of hard coal blocks as the hard coal mining in the Ostrava – Karviná coal basin had been ramping up.

Gradually, we have been adding other engineering services to our portfolio. We have built a seismicity monitoring network and launched various types of drilling in order to enhance safety and stability of the rock mass.

As coal mining declined slowly over the years, we got down to land reclamation and rehabilitation to help the environmental protection. We have also expanded abroad with our drilling teams: Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, Turkey and Slovakia.

Our mission

We are supporting the environment, safety and energy self-sufficiency of the Moravian-Silesian Region by providing complex services in gas and energy sectors and further expert engineering.

Our vision

We are drawing on the many years of our experience and the unique know-how in production and services in order to ensure that our clients get the most satisfactory services as required.

A team of experienced professionals

In all aspects of our portfolio, we have highly-qualified experts with many years of work experience. We can accommodate your specific needs and you can rely on the quality of work we provide.

Green Gas
Green Gas

Thanks to our engagement in reclamation, we have acquired gas mining and exploitation rights and started producing electricity and heat in combined heat and power units thus giving use to a prospective source of energy.

With our team of 260 experienced professionals from various fields, we would like to contribute to the safety and energy self-sufficiency of the region with our complex activities.

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